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Our Vision

We’re helping fleets move into a new era of transportation and mobility. Using modern technology, we provide the best insurance rates to the safest fleets, effortlessly.

Helping Fleets Grow Safely

Safer fleets are rewarded with lower premiums to help grow their business.

Pushing Technology Forward

Democratize access to safety technology, making it beneficial for all fleets, not just the 1%.

Safer Roads For All

We’re working tirelessly to achieve a future with zero crashes by incentivizing fleets to prioritize safety.


Real Time Quotes

We've simplified the insurance process so that we'll never ask you the same question twice (or even once) and won't make you wait 45 days for a quote.

Tailored, Transparent Pricing

If you’ve invested significant resources in safety, we reward you for it.
It’s that simple.

Services That Matter

As a trusted partner, we help you make smart buying, hiring and operational decisions that keep you running safely and efficiently.


We align stakeholders across the logistics, insurance, technology and auto industries to catalyze a new era of transportation.



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