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Instant Quotes. Transparent Policies. No Paperwork.

  • Get Rewarded for Investing in Safety

    Safety technology makes a difference. Koffie provides telematics devices and AI-enabled dashcams to your fleet, helping your drivers avoid accidents and coaching them to reduce risky behavior. We factor these safety features into our underwriting, so you pay less than the competition.

  • Quotes in Real Time, From Anywhere

    We’re a fully digital insurer, which means you can quote, endorse, bind coverage and submit claims in minutes, from anywhere. Leave the paper, fax machines, and typewriters behind.

  • Save Time and Energy

    We collect all the necessary application data ourselves so you can spend time working on your business. We complete 80% of the application using our proprietary database, which collects granular trucking data for underwriting, benchmarking and building our predictive models.

  • Ongoing Discounts

    In addition to competitive pricing for well-run operations, your fleet is eligible for up to a 10% premium credit at the end of each policy year, based on your safety performance during the policy.


Fleets should be incentivized and financially rewarded for safety.

Trucking is essential to our economy, and we believe that the safest trucking operations should be rewarded with lowest possible premiums. Koffie underwrites your fleet based on your specific safety and operational characteristics, not generic industry rates.

We provide you with telematics and camera equipment to help you monitor your fleet, increasing operational efficiencies and ensuring safe driving behavior.

At the end of each policy year, you’ll be eligible for up to 10% of your premium back, just for operating safely,

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About Koffie

An industry leading insurance company for truckers.

Koffie provides trucking and transportation companies with fast, affordable, and dare we say delightful insurance coverage. We’re helping fleets grow into a new era of transportation and mobility by leveraging cutting edge technology for underwriting, loss control, claims handling and fleet operations.

While our priority is to provide trusted insurance coverage to our insureds, we also believe in equipping our customers with the best possible tools to grow their businesses safely and profitably for generations to come.


Our leadership team is one of serial entrepreneurs, trucking insurance experts, data scientists and engineers obsessed with reshaping the trucking insurance industry to make it fair and easy for safe fleets to find great insurance coverage.

Ian White
Co-Founder & CEO

Ian defines strategy and collaborates with the team to ensure Koffie’s products surprise and delight customers and partners. With 15+ years of experience in geo and alt data, Ian enjoys blending data science and engineering with domain expertise to yield new insight. He’s most excited about reinventing a 100 year old line of business that hasn’t seen much change since the introduction of the internal combustion engine.

Mike Dorfman
Co-Founder & COO

Mike brings his industry expertise and first hand knowledge of the trucking industry to build insurance products in collaboration with insured customers and partners. Prior to co-founding Koffie with Ian, Mike was 4th generation at a family trucking insurance agency. He is most excited about building solutions for two massive, intersecting industries (trucking and insurance) that have largely been neglected by tech.

Jake Baillie
VP Engineering

Jake is responsible for the architecture and implementation of Koffie’s business systems and data collection efforts. Prior to Koffie, Jake spent 20 years helping businesses in e-commerce, search and geo leverage data from unconventional sources. He is most excited about building the infrastructure required to capture the firehose of real-time information available from ADAS and modern telematics systems.

Luis Sanchez
Chief Data Scientist

Luis acts as Koffie’s analytical lightning rod, blending advanced data science skills with financial markets experience. He brings 25 years experience as an investment banker and quant developing novel capital markets and insurance deals. Luis is excited about realizing Koffie’s vision to bring practical and scalable applications for machine learning applied to insurance.

Justin Whitaker
Chief Risk Officer

Justin manages insurance specialists who identify safety-conscience trucking operations and deliver industry-leading rates and a seamless customer service. As an attorney and chartered underwriter, Justin adds a unique blend of risk assessment and management experience. He’s passionate about improving safety and capturing the benefits of emerging vehicle and driver-assistance technology.

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