Diversity and Inclusion

Historically the trucking industry has catered to the image of the white male American Cowboy: the born into freedom, self-starting independent trucker. Images from that era are visceral, but they are also faded. Today the trucking industry is powered by immigrants who aspire to those same ideals. It’s the top job in more than 25 states, so to presume the customer is the same as a generation ago is uninformed. By recognizing what motivates these enclaves, the better we will be positioned to grow our business.

The insurance industry is slower to change. As they leave the workforce, Koffie can play a part in bringing fresh talent that views the world with much greater diversity, impacting new approaches to product, pricing, support, branding, hiring and everything else that goes with a heterogeneous workforce.

We believe diversity in all its manifestations as it helps us grow a healthier and stronger business: thought, background, education, experience, ethnicity, gender, philosophy or sexual orientation are some of the ways we define diversity.